Nov 22nd - Dec 31st 2019 (Fri, Sat, New Year's Eve only)

Home James

HomeJames is a local program which encourages responsible behavior (in a non-judgmental manner) with regards to impaired driving by allowing communities to provide a confidential, volunteer-driven service offered to any individual who has been drinking or who simply does not feel fit to drive his/her vehicle home.

In Ontario, we have 2 localities offering the HomeJames service within their communities.  Support HomeJames by volunteering, donating, or by benefiting from the service. Thank you Abstract Marketing for developing our website!



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How it Works

  1. You’ve gone to a house party or your office Christmas party or just out to the bar for a drink and it’s time to go home, but you do not feel comfortable driving.
  2. Hours of operation 9pm to 3am(4am on Dec 31st).  We ask that if you need a ride outside the City of Chatham or you need a ride to City of Chatham a ride from somewhere outside the City of Chatham that you call at least 3/4 hour before our closing time.  You can not reserve a pickup time and HomeJames operates on a first call first serve basis.
  3. Due to insurance restrictions HomeJames can only pick up and drop off clients within the county of Chatham-Kent.
  4. Call our Headquarters (519) 351-3353 and a team of 2 or 3 will come and drive you home safely in your own car. One or two(if room) people will get in your car with you and the 3rd person will follow behind.
  5. Your car will be parked in your driveway and you will be escorted to your door. We’ll even drive your babysitter home (as long as one parent comes with us).
  6. This is a confidential service provided by many volunteers whose main concern is the safety of our roads.  100% of any donations received goes to local Chatham-Kent youth groups.
  7. To protect the safety of our volunteers it may be necessary to reduce or stop our service during inclement weather.
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Volunteer opportunities are available for Road Volunteers, dispatch, phone operators, headquarters, committee members, and mascot.

For information please call  (519) 351-3353

Please help HomeJames Chatham-Kent by volunteering today!

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This is a confidential service provided by many volunteers whose main concern is the safety of our roads.

However, we do need your financial support in order to assist with operational costs such as phones, gas for escort vehicles, office supplies, educational materials, etc.

Please help HomeJames Chatham-Kent by donating today!

*Those receiving rides may make a voluntary donation to HomeJames which 100% goes to Chatham-Kent youth groups.

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