Nov 22nd - Dec 31st 2019 (Fri, Sat, New Year's Eve only)



Home James Chatham-Kent
Masonic Temple
430 Riverview Drive
Chatham, Ontario
N7M 5J7

Telephone: 519-351-3353
Email: cddachathamkent@hotmail.ca

Mailing Address

Home James Chatham-Kent
C/O: Jodie Hogg
101 - 202 Campus Pkwy.,
Chatham, Ontario
N7L 4Y4

Email: cddachathamkent@hotmail.ca

Question – What area do you cover?

Answer - HomeJames goes anywhere within the Municipality of Chatham-Kent.

Question – Is this a free service?

Answer - This is a free service, however we do accept donations. How much is an adequate donation? Whatever amount you feel is appropriate.  We have had clients say that whatever they would spend on a taxi is what they would normally donate.  100% of monies raised through donations on the nights of operation will be donated to local Chatham-Kent community youth programs.

Question – How long is a volunteer shift?

Answer - A volunteer shift is usually from 9 p.m. to 3 a.m., however occasionally we will make special arrangements if a person needs to come in late or leave early. We need as much notice as possible to accommodate these arrangements.

Question – What if I have a babysitter?

Answer - We can drive your babysitter home as long as the owner of the car comes along AND there are enough seat belts for the HomeJames Driver, the owner of the car and, of course, the babysitter.

Question – Can I ask to stop on the way home to grab a bite to eat?

Answer - If you are hungry and wish to stop somewhere to grab a snack such as a fast food restaurant, we will stop for you, but there are certain conditions. Some parts of the night are busier than others and it is up to the driving team to decide if the current workload will allow them to stop.  If they do decide to stop, the driver MUST stay with the vehicle at all times and any food bought must be paid for by the client.

Question – Can I use HomeJames more than once a night?

Answer - Yes you can! HomeJames is somewhat like a chauffeur service, wherever you would go on a given night, HomeJames will do it for you.  However there is a limit, we can’t have a client monopolizing our driving teams so we do ask that if you use HomeJames more than once a night, it be used in moderation.

Question – Can I be refused a ride by HomeJames?

Answer - Yes.  Although we try and give as many rides as we can, there are various reasons why you may refused a ride.  Such as, having a vehicle that is unsafe/unfit car, or if we suspect HomeJames is being used for illegal activities.  Our top priority is safety for both our volunteers and clients and we will act accordingly to uphold that safety.

Volunteer Questions and Answers

Question – Are there any qualifications required to be a volunteer for HomeJames?

Answer – The Driver who drives the client’s vehicle much be at least 21 years of age.  The Navigator who rides with the Driver, and the Escort Driver, must be at least 19 of age.  There is no specified age limit for volunteers who will work from HQ.

In addition, all volunteers must undergo a police check to determine the presence of any past criminal activity, and, for Drivers and Escort Drivers, the possession of a valid driver’s license.  The Escort Driver must also produce evidence that the vehicle that is being used as an escort vehicle is properly insured.

Question – Based on the results of the police check, can my application be declined?

Answer -  It depends on the nature of the offence that was identified and when the offence occurred.  These offences are listed on the volunteer registration form.  Of course, the absence of a valid driver’s license would disqualify someone from driving a client’s vehicle, or even using the own vehicle as an escort car.  However, in such circumstances, the person may qualify to work as a Navigator, or in HQ.

Question – How many nights do I need to volunteer for in order to be accepted as a volunteer?

Answer - You can volunteer for as many or as few nights as you want.  We only ask that you work at least 1 full shift – 9 p.m. to 3 a.m.

Question – Will I be in the car alone with the owner and their friends?

Answer - Absolutely not!  Safety is always top-of-mind for HomeJames.  The program is designed to ensure the safety of our volunteers. Here’s how it works.  If you are a part of a driving team, the team goes to out to the client in 1 car.  When they reach the client, 2 of the volunteers get into the client’s car – 1 driver and 1 navigator.  They drive to the client’s destination followed by the 3rd volunteer.  Upon arriving at the destination, they get back into the car with the 3rd volunteer and if there are no more calls then you would return to the command centre.

Question – What if I get tired?

Answer - Again, your safety is of our utmost concern.  If you get tired during your shift, please contact your Night Manager or Dispatcher immediately.  We will make arrangements to either take you home or have you rest at the command centre and fill your role for the rest of the night.

Question – What if I have to leave early?

Answer - A volunteer shift is usually from 9 p.m. to 3 a.m., however occasionally we will make special arrangements if a person needs to come in late or leave early.  We need as much notice as possible to accommodate these arrangements.

Question – What if I can’t cover the shift I signed up for?

Answer - Obviously, things come up that you have no control over.  For these, please notify the Program Coordinator as soon as possible so your shift can be filled

Question – Where do I go when I arrive on my first night?

Answer – You are to arrive at the HomeJames Headquarters at the Masonic Temple on Riverview Drive across from Casa Bella.  Once you arrive please go down the hallway to the registration table and sign in. This is the area where you’ll find out your duties and meet the rest of your team if you don’t already know them.

Question – If I don’t have a driver’s license can I still volunteer?

Answer - This is a great question!  We have a couple of roles that keep people in the building, including phone operator or working as a part of the dispatch team, or navigator.  If these interest you please contact our HomeJames Program Coordinator. We’d be pleased to have you join the team!

Question – Can I volunteer with friends as a driver team, or do I have to register as an individual volunteer?

Answer – You can do either.  If you want to volunteer with your friends, you family, or your colleagues at work, give your team a name, and identify yourselves as members of a team when you submit your volunteer registration form.  You can also register as an individual volunteer and be assigned to a team.

Question – Do I receive anything for being a volunteer with HomeJames?

Answer – Local restaurants and food outlets in Chatham provide food volunteers each evening.  This food is brought to HQ and volunteers can eat prior to the start of their shifts.

Volunteers who donate their time for 3 or more evenings during the campaign will receive a commendation letter from the Chief of Police, and volunteers who donate 5 or more evenings during the campaign will also receive a letter from the provincial Minister of Public Safety.

Local businesses also donate product and merchandise which is used as door prize draws for volunteers on New Years Eve.

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